ROBIN RUTH was founded in 2002 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company started selling souvenir and fashion products such as ties and scarves and over the years more fashion and lifestyle products came along. ROBIN RUTH was soon recognized as a metropolitan casual life-style brand for tourists with a none confirming free spirited attitude.
Creating added value for the brand; this is the aim of ROBIN RUTH corporate communication. It contributes to creating the image of a global enterprise that invests in research, in designs and projected towards the future, emphasizing its principal and most important characteristic: Uniqueness!

The adventure that started in Amsterdam continues today:
ROBIN RUTH communication promotes the brand, consistent with the companies belief that communication should never be commissioned from outside the company, but conceived within its heart.

Mission Statement ROBIN RUTH
The aim of ROBIN RUTH is to provide original and high quality fashion and clothing accessories. Robin Ruth aims to be the leading fashion global company in the tourist arena. The links of our success are the people, products and the service offered to the customers. ROBIN RUTH remains committed to growing the company by focusing on the touristic market worldwide and creating value by leveraging their unique strength.

Nowadays ROBIN RUTH has become one of the largest and the leading suppliers of fashion to tourists worldwide represented in more than 45 countries and with over 10.000 points of sale. The range of products offered by ROBIN RUTH consists of socks, scarves, caps, hats, umbrella’s, keyholders, ties, t-shirts, sweatvests and different models of bags. ROBIN RUTH constantly expand its range of products bringing new articles ,new designs, colors and collections.
All ROBIN RUTH products are made bearing in mind all modern color- style- and fashion flows and trends. Tourists worldwide appreciate excellent design and superb quality of the articles, which also underline their individuality from one hand and their globalism from the other hand. One of ROBIN RUTH most famous products in these days is the shopping bag. Having a city name written all over it makes this bag a very popular product and “must have” article for the ones coming back from holiday. One can collect them during world trip. Make his friends jealous; show them his style, class and feeling for fashion!

We are proud to announce that in 2008 the company opened ROBIN RUTH representative office in Czech Republic.
Official representative of the brand in Czech Republic is “Art Expo Exhibits s.r.o.”.